Environmental and immission protection

Protection against immissions – i.e., harmful effects especially on people caused by noise and vibrations – is a relevant and constantly topical issue.

Outdoor microphones can be used, for example, to monitor noise pollution from air traffic or large construction sites. Sound level meters and dosimeters are used in occupational safety to protect people from excessively loud noises.

Around earthworks, detonations and rail traffic, DIN-compliant vibration measurements can be used to measure and assess the effects on the environment.

Construction vehicles on a construction site as an example image for the review of environmental and immission protection

Our services and coordinated products allow you to implement standard-compliant measures to protect people and the environment.

Acoustic calibration services

DAkkS-certified and calibrated acoustic measuring equipment

To perform reliable measurements, your measuring equipment must be traceable or calibrated at regular intervals. This way, you can ensure that you carry out reproducible measurements and maintain high quality.

Our experts calibrate your outdoor microphones, sound level meters, dosimeters and other acoustic measuring devices quickly and reliably in the DAkkS-accredited SPEKTRA laboratory. These services let you rely on the highest level of performance and lowest measurement uncertainties.

Acoustic calibration services


We also have the right service for special vibration measurement technology such as geophones.

Calibration service acceleration

Vibration meters in the test laboratory

With the SPEKTRA calibration systems, which are identical to those used in many international metrological institutes, our laboratory ensures calibration services at the highest level. Vibration meters are measured for acceleration and velocity at SPEKTRA.

One of our laboratory's specialties is the calibration of geophones, which are used, for example, to record vibrations in the construction industry. These can be calibrated in the frequency range* 0.5 Hz...80 Hz or 0.5 Hz...315 Hz (*frequency range depends on the application of the geophones).

Vibrations from, for example, jackhammers, impact drills or similar tools can be checked and analyzed with human vibration meters. Of course, you can also have us check and calibrate these.

Vibration calibration services

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CS Q-LEAP™ calibration systems

The system solution for an in-house calibration laboratory

Would you like to take calibration entirely into your own hands? With SPEKTRA’s system solutions, you can build your own calibration laboratory.

We support you in the selection of suitable hardware components which we develop and manufacture in-house. With our powerful and future-proof CS Q-LEAP™ software, you are equipped for your calibration tasks at the highest level. To ensure that you always get the best out of our products, we offer the right service package and personal, individual help from our support team.

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Specialized accessories for the calibration of vibration test equipment

Accessories and components for your calibration

Down to the last detail

We manufacture individual adapters or offer robust sensor cables that withstand special climatic conditions.

Because we know the challenges our customers face every day. From SPEKTRA, you will receive precisely tailored, high-quality accessories and special designs.

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Price list cables, adapters and accessories


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