Calibration laboratories and service providers

Calibration laboratories ensure the accuracy of measuring instruments by comparing them with reference values and making adjustments. They are essential to ensure precise measurements and trustworthy data for various applications.

SPEKTRA is a long-standing supplier of calibration laboratories around the world with state-of-the-art calibration systems. As a calibration service provider, we have the expertise to deliver very efficient solutions that include not only the equipment but also extensive software for integration into corporate workflows. The portfolio is completed by interlaboratory comparisons, training and workshops.

View in a calibration laboratory with controller, power amplifier and a monitor.

Complex laboratory equipment for minimal interference and exact measurement results - internationally proven and successfully implemented.


Complete laboratory equipment for maximum precision

  • Calibration systems for secondary and primary calibration
  • Exciters - individually or to expand the systems flexibly and conveniently
  • Adapters and cables - special accessories for effective laboratory work
  • Special accessories such as laser vibrometers, compressed air supply, temperature monitoring, granite blocks for correct installation of measurement equipment, label printers...

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Two software packages and a monitor with software solutions for calibration laboratories and service providers stand symbolically against a blue background.

Software solutions

High quality and reliability for complex calibration requirements

  • CS Q-LEAP™ software for the calibration of sensors at the highest level
  • eCal™ for effective management of calibration data - from test item data to creation of calibration certificates and more
  • Data exchange with databases, remote control of CS Q-LEAP™ systems, open interfaces for seamless integration and maximum flexibility
  • Time and costs are reduced by automating tasks and minimizing human error



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