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Our applied and granted patents

Vibration exciter with load compensation

Is used in: SE-13 / CS Q-LEAP™ SINE with SE-13

Our single patents:

  g = granted
Germany DE102014103299A1 (g)
Europe (IT, FR, GB, ES) 3117198 (g)
China CN106461499B (g)
Japan 6419226 (g)
Korea 10-1920860 (g)
Taiwan I592643 (g)
U.S.A. US10,054,514B2 (g)
Russian Federation 2649225 (g)
SE-13 with patent icon

Apparatus and method for dynamic calibration of pressure sensors

Is used in: DPE-03

Our single patents:

  f = filed / g= granted
Europe (IT, FR, GB, ES) 3516358 (g)
China CN110050181A (f)
Japan JP2019-529919A (g)
Korea KR10-2019-0086438A (g)
Taiwan I692624 (g)
U.S.A. US 10,775,257
Russian Federation 2718738 (g)
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