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Our applied and granted patents

Vibration exciter with load compensation

Is used in: SE-13 / CS18P Seismic

Our single patents:

  g = granted
Germany DE102014103299A1 (g)
Europe (IT, FR, GB, ES) 3117198 (g)
China CN106461499B (g)
Japan 6419226 (g)
Korea 10-1920860 (g)
Taiwan I592643 (g)
U.S.A. US10,054,514B2 (g)
Russian Federation 2649225 (g)
SE-13 with patent icon

Method and device for calibrating acceleration and force sensors

Is used in: SE-220 HOP-MS /  CS18 MS / CS18P MS

HOP-MS mit Patenturkunde with patent certificate

Our single patents:

  g = granted
Germany 102008025866 (g)
Europe (IT, FR, GB, ES) 2158493 (g)
China 200980101627.3 (g)
Japan 5453617 (g)
Korea 1083223 (g)
Taiwan I410631 (g)
U.S.A. US9,103,851B2 (g)
Russian Federation 2438137 (g)

Apparatus and method for dynamic calibration of pressure sensors

Is used in: DPE-03

Our single patents:

  f = filed / g= granted
Europe (IT, FR, GB, ES) 3516358 (g)
China CN110050181A (f)
Japan JP2019-529919A (g)
Korea KR10-2019-0086438A (g)
Taiwan I692624 (g)
U.S.A. US 10,775,257
Russian Federation 2718738 (g)
DPE-03 mit Patentsiegel