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Vibration Exciter (spring guided)
Vibration Exciters for Calibration and Test Systems PDF Print E-mail

The following vibration exciters are spring guided electrodynamic exciters, which are able to provide a mechanical signal with a small transverse acceleration in the frequency range of 0 Hz up to 10 kHz for calibration and test systems.

Furthermore you can find the SE-101 RES-HA, a special vibration exciter which provides very high sine acceleration. Since it avoids the disadvantages of stronger conventional exciters like heating up of the armature when operated at full power, this exciter enables a connection between the high acceleration of a transient shock calibration and the rather limited acceleration of a conventional vibration calibration.

SE-10 Medium Frequency Vibration Exciter PDF Print E-mail

The vibration exciter SE-10 with a flexural guidance system is a high-tech product that is a reliable tool for vibration testing in research and development as well as for daily use in calibration laboratories.

  • Max. acceleration: 60 gn
  • Max. force: 100 N
  • Max. displacement (pk-pk): 10 mm
  • Frequency range: DC - 10 kHz

SE-101 RES-HA High Sine Acceleration Exciter PDF Print E-mail
SPEKTRA SE-101 RES-HA Schwingungserreger

The vibration exciter SE-101 RES-HA is designed specially for checking and calibration of amplitude linearity of sensors at certain frequencies up to very high acceleration levels.

  • Max. acceleration: 400 gn
  • Frequency Range: 70 - 500 Hz

APS 300 PDF Print E-mail

Transportable vibration exctiter with suspension flexure and integrated amplifier for modal analysis and calibration application

  • Max. force: 22 N
  • Max. displacement pk-pk: 5 mm
  • Frequeny range: DC - 10 Hz


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Calibration systems • Special equipment • DAkkS laboratory • Environmental simulation  

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